DSV Locker® - the popular courier choice

Send and receive parcels, collect your online purchases at a place and time convenient to you

The DSV Locker ® has quickly become the popular choice for businesses and tens of thousands of people who  send and receive parcels safely, at a place and time convenient to them. Using the DSV Locker means the driver, parcel and recipient don’t ever need to be available at the same time and place.

DSV has successfully delivered several locker-based client solutions by leveraging the DSV courier network with the technological benefits of the DSV Locker.

The service is reliable and can be up and running within a week, and DSV customers automatically have access to +250 locker delivery locations nationally to choose from after signing up. 

In addition to delivering an improved customer experience, lockers also reduce overall delivery costs and improve service level metrics. Delivering to and collecting from a DSV Locker eliminates many problems linked with traditional supply chain logistics. 

Our position and investment in smart parcel solutions is motivated by the rapid migration of indirect to direct service parcel dependent channels, which include the following: 

  • Courier Product (B2B & B2C): Used by business to send and receive internal mail as well as to reach external customers.
  • Courier PAKs (C2C): Used by public as a service to send parcels using the PAK product.
  • Education: Used by the education sector to distribute learning material to students as well as returns mechanism that allows students to submit completed assignments to the institution. 
  • Banking: Positioned as a product to efficiently and effectively distribute replacement cards and documentation of a sensitive nature. 
  • eCommerce (B2C): Used by online retailers to deliver parcels and goods to its online customers.
  • Boot Stock (B2B): Used by service providers to distribute and manage parts in the in-field technician business.
  • Returns (C2B or B2B): Used by all industries to facilitate the speedy returns of goods.

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